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A Letter From Mr. Charles Ellison, Your New Head Master

Dear Parents,

As the present academic year at Harrow Shanghai has come to its successful end, and with the royal visit from Prince Edward complete, I thought I would write to you to introduce myself and to outline how pleased and excited I am to be taking over the responsibility of leading the school through the next chapter of its history. From the moment I came into contact with the governors and staff of the school, I have been immensely impressed by their motivation and commitment to ensuring Harrow Shanghai continually moves forward on its journey to becoming one of the world’s leading British schools overseas.

As you will be aware, I shall be assuming the role of Head Master from January and have already begun a most thorough handover process with Mr David Cook. Kate, my wife, and my young daughter Elsie Mae are as excited as I am to be joining you within the Harrow Shanghai community and we greatly look forward to both meeting you all in person and to working closely alongside you to ensure Harrow continues to develop its strong reputation for academic excellence and high performance in all that it does. I shall be using all of my leadership experience gained during a career spent working within some of the very best British independent schools, both within the UK and overseas, in addition to my knowledge as a serving inspector of British schools, to strengthen the Harrow experience for all of its pupils and parents.

The team of senior leaders that we have assembled to strategically guide the school from August have all the attributes and skills to make certain the pupils continue to meet their potential to the full and I am already communicating regularly with Mrs Kelly Wailes – the new Deputy Head – and other staff to ensure our joint vision for excellence is fully-planned and operational well before the first pupil walks back through the school doors in August. Mrs Wailes is an ideal interim leader for the first term of the next academic year and her strong experience at Harrow Beijing will be invaluable to me.

For over 440 years, Harrovians have been known for their high academic capabilities and credentials, their strong talents in sport, music and drama, and their desire to make the world a better place for all. These remain our fundamental guiding principles at Harrow Shanghai when designing your child’s every day school experience, and we shall continue to centre our development plans upon these keystone characteristics forged over many centuries at Harrow UK. It is these that have made a Harrow education world famous and second-to-none.

I am intending to visit the school in August and will most certainly organise an opportunity to present to all parents my vision for the school’s development, as well as a social event when I hope I will have the chance to meet as many of you as possible in person. Further details will follow after the end of the term. In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy and peaceful summer holiday with your families, when it finally arrives.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Ellison

Charles Ellison