Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is a two-year A Level course with students usually studying no more than four subjects in Year 12 (AS level) before continuing with 3 or 4 subjects in Year 13 (A Level).

Students in the Sixth Form are expected to accept a greater level of responsibility for their own study as they prepare for the world of university and beyond. Students are expected to spend time preparing for lessons and to actively participate in the teaching and learning process. Students have use of the Sixth Form Centre, which is a dedicated space with facilities for relaxation and study.

The Housemaster remains a central figure in the pastoral life of every pupil but is joined by the Head of Higher Education and Careers whose role it is to advise and assist students in their preparations for higher education in the UK, North America or elsewhere in the world.

The life of the Sixth Former is a busy one. Sixth Formers will take on significant leadership responsibilities in the school which can range from formal leadership posts on the Student Council or in the House, to more informal roles in teams and social activities where they are expected to be strong role models for other pupils. In these ways, they prepare for life beyond school.

Subjects available to study for Years 12 and 13 include:

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Computer Science, Art, Music, Drama, English, Mandarin and Spanish.

Every one of our pupils was accepted by their first choice university, with many going on to the most sought-after universities on the planet such as University of Cambridge, University College London, University of British Columbia.