Pastoral Care

House System

‘All the things students do, all their achievements, all their academic success, in the end are only going to happen if they are happy, if they are well grounded and if they are enjoying life at School’.

This statement is at the heart of the House system at all Harrow schools and Harrow International School, Shanghai is no different. It is integral to the development of the pupils, allowing them the opportunity to thrive and mature into the leaders of tomorrow. The House System is modelled on the Houses of Harrow School. The school is divided into four Houses:

At Harrow International School, Shanghai we have put in place a House and tutor system driving both academic success but also a sense of accountability and resilience, giving students their first experience of leadership for tomorrow. 21st century Shanghai parents, as well as elite universities want a broad British education focusing not only on academic results but also developing each individual into a ‘citizen of the world’. Pastoral care is at the heart of this; monitoring, nurturing and supporting pupils to become young people of good character.

We have a strong House culture at Harrow International School, Shanghai where pupils can be part of a something greater than themselves, giving them the opportunity of achieving something collaboratively that they may never have realised that they could have achieved on their own. This is underpinned by a tutor led PSHE programme focusing on the development of the individual and inter-house competitions which encourages a sense of competition and rivalry, which in a healthy environment is so key to a pupil’s development.

The House system is the beating heart of Harrow International School, Shanghai. It is what drives success and allows the pupils to become the leaders of tomorrow.