THE School

Our Facilities​

Set in the northern part of Pudong, amidst the many and diverse facilities of the Waigaoqiao district, Harrow enjoys an enviable geographic location, with excellent accessibility, by both road and rail, from the rest of Pudong and Puxi.

Harrow offers the very best in educational facilities for its pupils, purpose-built, and incorporating everything required for academic and extra-curricular excellence in 21st-century schooling. One of the great strengths of the campus is the coherence and integrity of the various schools that make up Harrow Shanghai. For instance, the Early Years classrooms, the children’s play areas and their general space, all in their own designated wing of the school, is the envy of other schools in Shanghai. We believe it is the best Early Years provision in the city.

Turning to the Senior and Prep Schools, there are state-of-the-art classrooms, science laboratories, ICT suites, and art studios. Our pupils need time to relax and reflect. The sports facilities are second to none, with a double-sized sports hall accommodating eight different sports, a roof-top running track, a multi-purpose playground, a 25-metre swimming pool, a gym, and not forgetting floodlit football/rugby pitches.

Being in this part of Shanghai also gives us access to nearby facilities, including more pitches, local water sports, such as rowing, dingy-sailing and dragon boats, and tennis and golf, to name just a few.

Back to the school and there’s a modern music and drama complex with practice rooms and a Black Box, a lecture theatre and abundant play areas. We always want to make you feel welcome at Harrow and there’s a large entrance lobby, with its cafe, while all the rooms and corridors abound in display boards, all showing off the pupils’ work.

At the very heart of the school, geographically and academically, is the Simon Armitage Library, constructed on two levels and named after renowned poet, Professor Simon Armitage. It incorporates a multi-media centre for senior pupils, promoting independent study, while for their prep school counterparts the library is a very real teaching resource designed to generate a meaningful interest, indeed love, of reading and research.

Providing the best for our pupils was the driving force behind our campus and facilities. Most important of all, we have sought to incorporate the most effective health and safety provision and safeguards. For instance, this is shown in the design of the car parks, the bus drop-off and pick-up points, the play areas, the sports facilities and the laboratories and workshops.

However, there is no bigger issue in Shanghai than the quality of the air we all breathe. At Harrow we take the protection of all our community from adverse air quality very seriously indeed. We adhere very strictly to the school policies and procedures on air quality levels, and those policies reflect a very cautious, and safe, approach to activities outside the school buildings.

The school benefits from the incorporation of an effective air filtration system. This has been installed as a key feature in the overall air-conditioning system, which provides both cooling and heating to all the school. This involves a series of highly efficient filters, including the high density filters, which extract the PM2.5 particles. The system is designed to reduce the AQI to a figure of under 30 in the school.