The School

Harrow Values

For four and a half centuries, Harrow School has been at the helm of educational excellence, instilling in its students values, purpose and leadership as preparation for a life of responsibility, integrity and service to the wider community. 


As the Harrow brand now grows internationally, there is a duty to uphold these values; understanding the culture and taking forward this profound tradition and heritage.  


For the institutions in China, and more widely in Asia, there will be contextual adaptations, but always in honour and respect to Harrow School. 

  • Courage – so as to innovate and take risks, inspire change for the better; challenge adversity and complacency; make the most of opportunities; and put fear of failure to one side and stay the course, even when it is difficult
  • Honour – so as to do the right thing; have the highest standards and lead by example; take responsibility; and, ultimately, be worthy of the trust of others
  • Humility  so as to recognize that one’s self is a work in progress and that struggling with weaknesses is essential to growth; and become increasingly aware that talent and achievement alone, however impressive, are not sufficient to succeed as a human being
  • Fellowship – so as to build binding, constructive relationships that help all members of the School community to make a positive contribution; and to believe that the strongest relationships of all are based on faith, hope and love