The Food Committee was established as a priority in the first week after Harrow Shanghai opened. Healthy, tasty school food is crucial to our pupils’ well-being, so, as a committee, we meet every month to review menus, give direct feedback to the catering manager and chef and to suggest new dishes for our monthly menu cycles.

We have representatives from all parts of the school to ensure all feedback and voices are heard: Steve Morris (Acting Deputy Head), Tess St Clair-Ford (Head of Senior School), Joseph Jedrzejczyk (Head of Prep), Ren Chinnadurai (Head of Pre-Prep), Avril Phillips (Head of Early Years), Linda Sun (Head of Operations) and Anita Yuan (Sr. Admin officer). We welcome and value parent participation on this committee. This is an essential component of ensure we maintain and improve an excellent service for our children. Vacancies are advertised at the start of each academic year with the aim of each phase being represented. Please do engage if you can.

Please click the link for catering booklet. You can scan the QR code below to top up your child’s lunch card.