Application Fee

A non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of RMB 3,000 must be paid for each application.

Placement Deposit

A refundable deposit of RMB 25,000 is payable by each pupil within two weeks of the acceptance offer from Harrow Shanghai. Failure to do so may result in the place being offered to another pupil. This payment will be held by Harrow Shanghai for the duration of the pupil’s time at the School.

The placement deposit is non-interest bearing and shall be refunded in RMB when the pupil leaves Harrow Shanghai. However, the School reserves the right to offset this deposit against part or all of any amount that parents may owe at any time to the School, including but not limited to outstanding tuition fees, exchange loss from foreign currency transfers into an RMB account, charges for academic materials, lunch, transportation and to cover the loss or non-return of school books and equipment, or DHL courier fees. Should the outstanding amount be worth more than RMB 25,000, payment for the difference is required.

Tuition Fees 2020/21

Tuition Fees (in RMB)

Year GroupAnnual
(with 3% discount)
Term 1Term 2Term 3
Early Years
Harrow Cubs234,60096,72072,54072,540
Pre-Prep School
Year 1270,400111,48083,61083,610
Year 2270,400111,48083,61083,610
Year 3270,400111,48083,61083,610
Year 4270,400111,48083,61083,610
Prep School
Year 5274,500113,20084,90084,900
Year 6274,500113,20084,90084,900
Year 7293,400120,96090,72090,720
Year 8293,400120,96090,72090,720
Upper School
Year 9293,400120,96090,72090,710
Year 10315,500130,08097,56097,560
Year 11315,500130,08097,56097,560
Year 12319,800131,88098,91098,910
Year 13319,800131,88098,91098,910

* Prepayment of the full annual 2020/21 school year tuition fees prior to August 2020 will receive a 3% discount(the date of receipt is determined by our bank acknowledgement)

Sibling Discount

Discounts will be applied for siblings who are educated in the School concurrently as follows:

No. of childrenDiscount
2nd childN/A
3rd child5%
4th child10%
5th and subsequent child15%

School Bus Fee

The bus service is optional. The bus fees for sites within 30 kilometers (one-way distance between the school and school bus stop) are as follows:

2020/21 School Bus Fee (in RMB)

AnnualTerm 1Term 2Term 3

Lunch Fee: RMB 5,760 per year

The daily cost for lunch and two snacks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) is RMB 32. The catering service is provided by an outsourcing company, Aden. The fee can be paid to Aden either annually, termly or by making regular top ups online or at the Café bar in the school lobby. Further details are available at the Catering page under Our Service section.

Payment Methods:

Payment can be credited to the school bank account via bank transfer using the following currencies, RMB or USD. Cash payments must be made in RMB. If parents/guardians decide to use a bank transfer, a copy of the bank remittance, together with the pupil’s name and year group, must be submitted to the finance office. When paying by bank transfer in foreign currencies, the received amount will be confirmed upon the fund arrival date. The prevailing exchange rate is the official foreign exchange middle rate published by the Bank of China. Any shortfall in amounts received by the school, for any reason, will be due on demand or carried forward to the next invoice at the school’s discretion.

Bank Name:恒生银行(上海)有限公司上海分行

Account Name:上海哈罗外籍人员子女学校

Account Number:511-103590-011

Late Payment

Charges for late payment may be varied at the School’s discretion but, unless otherwise advised, comprise:

A charge of £250 in equivalent RMB using the official foreign exchange middle rate published by the Bank of China and interest at the rate of 1.5% per month on any overdue balance.

All administration and legal costs in relation to any sums that are unpaid by the due date.


A term’s written notice must be given before a pupil is withdrawn from the School or a term’s tuition fees in lieu of timely notice will be due and payable as a debt at the rate applicable on the date of invoice whether or not the place can be filled. This is to ensure the School has sufficient notice with which to plan fee levels, other resources and the curriculum. Following a timely withdrawal, the School will refund the deposit and any surplus funds as long as no outstanding fees to the School remain.

Withdrawal and Refund Schedule

Notification DateTerm 1
Tuition & School Bus
Term 2
Tuition & School Bus
Term 3
Tuition & School Bus
On or before 1 Sep 2020No RefundFull RefundFull Refund
On or before 4 Jan 2021No RefundNo RefundFull Refund
  • Refunds of tuition fees will only be made after the return of the Official Tax Receipt (Fapiao) issued by the School.
  • Refund of deposit will only be made after providing approved leaver form.
  • The Head Master and the School Governors may review withdrawals/refunds on a case-by-case basis at their discretion.