Beyond Classroom

Expeditions & Trips

Expeditions and residential trips are the key aspects of the School life.

The Expedition Programme ensures that a Harrow Shanghai student receives a wealth of stimulating, diverse and challenging experiences, either within China or abroad. They allow our students to rise above the challenges of life and prepare for the challenges of the future.

Whilst ensuring a safe yet challenging environment, students are enticed out of their comfort zones and encouraged to push themselves, ask questions, work with others and make just choices. Time for debrief and reflection allows students the opportunity to reassess their actions and decisions, before they face the next obstacle. Learning from experience is effective in opening minds to new possibilities and seeing things in a different light. Students find themselves in situations where effective collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving allows them to develop as individuals with a sense of responsibility to others.

The expedition takes place in Spring. It provides a clear progression of activities and expectations – from the first night away from home as a Year 1 student to life changing experiences in other parts of the world as a Sixth Former.

In all phases and for all ages, Harrow Shanghai will organise day trips and educational visits. These are planned to complement main school experiences and are educationally justified, affordable and safe. Residentials involving overnight stays (in or out of school) are limited to Year one and above. 

School trips and educational visits are an essential part of the broad range of experiences that are provided at Harrow Shanghai. They may result from or relate directly to the academic curriculum, and they may be additional experiences providing opportunities for learning and skills development that cannot be provided in the classroom.  

Subject specific trips and educational visits include observational studies, fieldwork and trips to specialist centres. Some trips may be sporting or involve exchanges with other schools. There will also be residentials that provide the opportunity to develop the key leadership attributes and other skills that result from outdoor pursuits and community service.