Duke of Edinburgh's Award

At Harrow we are delivering The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which is highly recognised by employers and educational institutions worldwide. To complete the award, students should commit to a series of activities over a ten-month period. These activities can be completed within school and in the community, for example, volunteering at a pet shelter or leading a club at school.

There are four different elements to the award, volunteering, skill, physical and the expedition. A student who completes the Duke of Edinburgh Award reflects commitment and the Award indicates that they are a good team member with wide ranging skills. The Duke of Edinburgh Award helps develop a student’s lifelong learning and self-motivation through completion of the challenges.

It is extremely important for young adults to take part in outdoor activities, as this will challenge them physically and prepare them for other social aspects of life in regard to team work, key communication skills and resilience. This challenge allows students to discover the world around them through learning new skills and taking part in experiences that will help build them as young people.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award