Alex Reed

Head Master

Mr Reed is an enthusiastic, experienced school leader who has enjoyed educating children for nearly 30 years. His career has included working in a range of outstanding schools in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand, most recently as the Head of one of New Zealand’s top private schools, leading it to become one of the best academic schools in the country.

He took his first degree in English Literature at Cambridge University, has a National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) from the Institute of Education in London, and completed a Masters degree a few years ago on the work of the great Scottish novelist, Muriel Spark. He is passionate about literature, drama and music, and spends much of his free time enjoying cultural pursuits. He also likes to travel, to exercise and keep fit – he needs to do this regularly because he loves good food! 

Mr Reed believes that a great education has academic excellence for all students at its core, supported by a broad programme of personal, cultural and social opportunities. A great school works with its parents and families to develop successful young people who are also good young people, and who will use their talents to make the world a better place for everyone.

Toby Roundell

Principal Deputy Head - People

Mr Roundell completed his undergraduate studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. He then continued his studies, achieving a Master’s degree with distinction in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of Bath. 

He takes seriously his commitment to the international school community and is a team leader in school accreditation for the Council of International Schools with experience of chairing evaluation teams on accreditation visits in the Asia-Pacific region.

From August 2022 onwards, Mr. Roundell takes responsibility for whole-school aspects of our provision, will deputise for the Head Master, and will work closely with the Head Master, the SLT and the Board of Governors to deliver the school’s Strategic Development Plan. He will oversee whole-school coordination and major school event planning and will lead in the preparation of the school for inspections.

He will also lead the development of all matters relating to safeguarding, pastoral care, well-being and professional development for all phases of education at Harrow Shanghai.

Simon Probert

Deputy Head - Academic

Mr Probert joined Harrow Shanghai as Deputy Head – Academic from his role as Director of Studies at Harrow Beijing. He majored in History, with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Durham, and a Master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh. He obtained his PGCE at Bristol university, and has continued to pursue his interest in and passion for education, having achieved a Masters degree in Education from Open University. He is currently in the midst of pursuing a doctorate’s degree in Education from the University of Bath.

Mr Probert has extensive teaching experience as a History teacher, having taught in schools in the UK, China and South Korea. Equally, he has worked in a number of leadership roles, initially leading the Prep curriculum at Harrow Beijing before progressing to Director of Studies, and was also Head of History for several years at NLCS in South Korea.


Head of Early Years

Ms Phillips has been an educator for the past 20 years, working in Asia and Europe. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education with QTS and Masters degree in Education from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom as well as a teaching licence from Washington D.C, America. Before coming to Harrow Shanghai, Ms Phillips was principal of a large British kindergarten in Bahrain for 8 years and previously, head of the children’s department at the British Council in Kuwait for 4 years.

Ms Phillips is passionate about Early Years education and strives to ensure that children build a firm foundation for future success through high levels of engagement in a high-quality play-based environment. These opportunities promote exciting challenges, exploration, adventure and embeds a real love of learning.

The ambitious and sequential curriculum that has been set in place at Harrow Shanghai meets the needs of each child and exposes all children to language rich environments which in turn holds the key to successful listeners, readers, writers, and communicators. Ms Phillips also priorities outdoor learning, gardening and sustainability in the Early Years which raises awareness of the world around us as well as opportunities to develop many of the key skills which are needed throughout our life’s journey such as problem solving, dealing with conflict, creativity and perseverance to name a few.

Renuka Chinnadurai

Head of Pre-Prep School

Ms Chinnadurai is an experienced teacher and leader. She studied Languages Economics and Politics at Kingston University and subsequently went on to gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey. She also holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship and a Diploma in Reading Recovery. She has taught across the primary age range and has been a headteacher for over 15 years in the UK. She was also designated a National Leader of Education, has been an Executive Headteacher and worked as a consultant. She is passionate about research into teaching and learning, creating an enriching and meaningful curriculum, the arts in education and developing leaders of the future. She has spoken in both the UK and abroad on these aspects of education, has been involved in supporting other schools to improve and has a wealth of experience in developing outstanding teaching and learning.

She believes in creating an environment where all stakeholders are happy, motivated, challenged and inspired to be the best they can be, where they reach the highest academic and personal standards. She will be working with her team to ensure that our children embody our Harrow values and leadership attributes and that they are passionate about learning, have inquisitive minds, a growth mindset, are problem solvers, are creative, have their talents nurtured, and have the desire to make our world better.

In her spare time, you will find Ms Chinnadurai engaging in her passions of cooking, art, music, and languages; you will either find her finding out about food, visiting galleries, constructing her own art works, listening to music or learning to speak Mandarin.


Head of Prep School

Mr Jedrzejczyk has worked in international schools in Shanghai for the last ten years. Before joining the teaching profession, he read law at Westminster University, worked in the City of London, before completing a Masters degree in International Law at the University of Warwick. Following a transition to teaching, Mr Jedrzejczyk completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Education with Durham University, and has worked primarily as a teacher of English, English as an Additional language and as a curriculum co-ordinator for service learning within the Harrow Shanghai Prep school.

Mr Jedrzejczyk favours research-led approaches to curriculum development and implementation, as well as to teaching and learning pedagogical practices. Although, he continues to put great emphasis on experiential learning, co-ordinating the Junior Award Scheme for Schools and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, for which he is certified trainer, to get students outside of the classroom and participating in dynamic learning experiences.



Ms Tess St Clair-Ford joined Harrow Shanghai in August 2020 from the UK, where she was Head of Fifth Form (Year 11) at Epsom College, a leading UK boarding school. She studied Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge and has a Masters in Creative Writing; a particular passion of hers.

Ms St Clair-Ford began her teaching career at an international school in Sri Lanka and has since gained over 10 years’ teaching experience at leading independent schools in and around London, UK. She is passionate about English Literature and reading, having joined Harrow Shanghai as Head of English and Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator.

As Head of Senior School, Ms St Clair-Ford brings her pastoral experience from her time in a UK boarding environment, as well as her commitment to academic excellence and experience in preparing students for public examination success and entry to top UK universities.

Outside of work, Ms St Clair-Ford is a mother of 3 young Harrovians and is relishing the opportunity for her and her family to live and work in a country as diverse and exciting as China. Her precious free time is almost entirely spent reading books.

Cheryl Lee

Director of Communications & Development

Ms Lee was born and raised in Canada and graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce & Business Administration. She spent over 10 years in progressive marketing roles at IBM, which ultimately landed her in a regional role in Shanghai. Ms Lee has continued to take on diverse marketing leadership roles in the finance and education training industry, before joining Harrow Shanghai in October, 2021. She is passionate about the next generation and excited to highlight the numerous strengths of Harrow Shanghai – a jewel in the international school landscape. In her free time, Ms Lee enjoys reading, traveling the world and participating in various volunteer activities. 

Linda Sun

Head of Operations

Ms Sun graduated from Shanghai Finance University with a major in International Finance, and then completed a MBA degree from University of Wales. Before joining Harrow Shanghai in May 2016, Ms Sun had worked in another international school in Shanghai for over 10 years. In Harrow Shanghai, she also acts as the Government liaison.

“With years of experience on administration within International schools, I believe Harrow Shanghai is full of potential and I am so proud to see its growing and thriving. I would like to invite, and warmly welcome, all new pupils and parents to visit Harrow and experience the best education England has to offer.”