A great start to new school year with our first IGCSE/GCSE results

Harrow started its second school year on Thursday, 24th August.  Everything has grown: the school roll has doubled, the Sixth Form has opened and we have many excellent new teachers.

Mr Marco Cirillo, our founding Head of Sixth Form, has run a specially tailored introduction course for our Year 12 pupils, covering subjects like methods of study, the importance of being suitable role models for the rest of the school, university preparation and entrance, and a wide variety of presentational skills. Amongst the new Year 12 are our small cohort of Year 11 pupils from last year, who, in effect, tackled their IGCSE and GCSE examinations in a single academic year. They received their full results on the first day of term, making it an extra special day for them. They performed very well indeed with a 100% A* to C grade pass, and 71.5% A* and A grades (50% of all IGCSE/GCSE grades were A*). They can proceed to A levels, and all the other challenges Mr Cirillo has planned for them, with the utmost confidence.