Harrow Sports Day

Our Harrow community came together for what was a fantastic celebration of sport, teamwork and House spirit. In what was a glorious, sunny day, students displayed the values which are synonymous with our Harrovian traditions. It was an excellent display of sporting prowess, whilst also demonstrating courage, honour, humility and fellowship. 

Why have a Sports Day?

Playing sports can also help children to develop their social skills and help to set them up for positive relationship building for life. Through an event like a Sports Day children get the chance to show leadership, teamwork and communication skills, as they interact with new people and face new challenges.

Instilling healthy competition in children from a young age is vital and formative because it teaches children the important lesson of participation and equally pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, not to mention the benefits of exercise too.

Winning and Losing

Sports Day teaches children that they can’t always win at everything they take part in which is tough but crucial. Sports Day offers the important reminder that while yes, there will always be winners and you might not be one of them, it’s the participation that counts overall. It’s the growth made when you stand up and take part. It’s the insight that no one wins all of the time. These are formative lessons which will last a lifetime. Imagine quitting every time you fail? No one would get anywhere in life. It’s consistently working towards goals and picking yourself up after failing and learning from mistakes or simply acknowledging that success is both relative, and takes time, that matters more.