Harrow’s Virtual Virtuosos

Our recent Pre-Prep Online Concert was a uplifting event where our Harrow community connected with each other through the beautiful melodies played by our young and passionate music students. 

What a wonderful opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the music of our young performers, as they courageously took on the task of practicing, preparing, and recording their works for our extended family. 

First up were our Year 1 and 2 musical talents, many of whom performed for the first time. Our Head Master, Mr Charles Ellison, addressed our pupils with an inspiring message about music appreciation and development.  

We celebrated a delightful array of pieces and instruments on the piano, violin, cello and a beautiful folksong solo. Students displayed courage as they introduced their piece of work, performed passionately, and humbly bowed at the end of their performances. The wonderful music was soothing to the soul. 

Next up were our Year 3 and 4 performers, who displayed an impressive array of musical skill. Our Director of Music, Mr Nigel Penfold, kick-started the event, sharing that music can speak to us in ways that words cannot, and how we can be grateful for the gift of music which unites all different kinds of people. 

Our pupils proudly presented a wide array of skills and effort, which included the rocking beat of the drums, a brilliant violin duet, a sweet voice solo and many little fingers flying across the piano keys. 

The concert was supported by a captivated and enthusiastic audience, as thousands of encouraging comments were shared throughout the event.  The melodious music brought joy and sunshine to our day. A huge thank you to all the performers – we look forward to the day when our community can hear you all play in person on campus!