International Day Food Fair

On Friday, 29th September, the Harrow community of pupils, teachers and parents came together to celebrate the School’s second International Day. They did not disappoint! Pupils were dressed as suffragettes, kings, literary characters and inventors. Teachers were unrecognisable in funny wigs and brightly coloured costumes, but parents were the real stars of the show! Twenty of our twenty-six nationalities came together to prepare traditional foods from their countries to awaken the taste buds of all Harrovians with a splendid food fair. Turkey served traditional Turkish kebabs and marshmallow ice cream, South Africa delighted with delicious milk tarts, Hong Kong prepared hundreds of egg waffles, Mexico started the party with some mouth-watering guacamole and the candy and pop available thanks to the USA gave all the pupils the necessary energy they needed for the rest of the day’s activities! The UK, assisted by many of the teachers showing they’re not just experts in the classroom but the kitchen too (!), served up traditional sausage rolls, mini toad-in-the-holes, a Victoria Sandwich cake, a lemon tart and some Marmite sandwiches! Thank you to Mrs Lisa Hwang and her amazing Friends of Harrow culinary team.