Lisa, graduated in 2022

Lisa is now at Imperial College London studying Medical Biosciences.

“As a parent, I always follow news about international education. Harrow is well known for its 450 years of history, education philosophy and the remarkable achievements of Old Harrovians. When Harrow Shanghai was founded in 2016, Lisa became one of the founding students.

Harrow Shanghai has a great teaching and leadership team. Every child matters and every child has the opportunity to fully develop their talents and unlock their potential. As a founding parent, I have witnessed the rapid development and growth of this extraordinary community. I am grateful to the school for providing such a good learning environment for my daughter. I believe that all Harrow students will grow up to be ambitious and resilient young people.

Harrow’s mission is “Leadership for a better world”. This is instilled in all students through a variety of activities which allows everyone to make a difference and develop their own leadership skills in a way that is natural and suited to them. My daughter was born with an introverted and quiet personality. The House system and pastoral care at Harrow helped her integrate into the community and build friendships very quickly. The various inter-house competitions encourage a healthy dose of competition among the students, which greatly contributed to my daughter’s all-round development. The activities organized by the school have also expanded students’ interests and abilities. Back in 2017, Harrow Shanghai hosted the Shanghai Regional Debate Competition and provided pre-tournament training. Through this opportunity, Lisa was exposed to the world of debate. She experienced the spirit of truth, distinguishing right from wrong, and the perseverance and courage that debating encourages. Lisa also participated in the International Debate Competition in 2019.

Harrow’s A Level curriculum has greatly improved my daughter’s confidence in her studies. She grew up with a love of science and an interest in biology, especially the human body, and the reasons behind diseases. The IGCSE courses in Year 10-11 established a solid foundation for her A Level study. The concentrated combination of A Level subjects allowed her to focus on the subjects she was most passionate about and strengthened her determination to pursue the path of scientific research.”

Lisa’s Mother