Shreya, graduated in 2019

She is now at the University of British Columbia studying Business Management.

My time at Harrow Shanghai was short and sweet, and I cherished every day of it. I joined Harrow Shanghai towards the end of the Lower Sixth, amidst my A Levels, which was a challenging time. However, the dedicated teachers and my friendly peers made my transition into Harrow’s Sixth Form exceptionally smooth. Harrow expanded my academic ability and improved my personal growth.  

All the teachers at Harrow Shanghai are committed and passionate in their teaching. They have gone above and beyond class time to help us, be it during break times or arranging revision sessions after school. Especially during the revision time before exam months, the teachers gave us top priority. For example, they would make time available for us during their free periods, so we could always go in and hand in essays, ask questions etc. Their dedication and patience motivated me to the best of my ability.