The Unique Aspects of Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep

Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep is highly regarded, recognized by Harrow UK Quality Inspection Committee as the best within the Harrow Schools and celebrated for its exceptional academic reputation among parents. Today, we invite you to discover the unique aspects of Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep.

A Native Level of English and Mandarin

Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep follows the UK National Curriculum, teaching in English across various subjects including science, humanities, computing, drama, music, art, personal development, British assembly, sports, and swimming, all led by experienced British teachers. Chinese instruction is robust, aligning with China’s nine-year compulsory education standards, emphasizing critical thinking and creative writing. Collaborating with the Shanghai Museum, the Pre-Prep offers a rich Chinese cultural curriculum with thematic research activities each semester.

Leveled Teaching

At Harrow, we recognize the uniqueness of each child. Tailoring education to each student’s strengths and characteristics in Pre-Prep is essential. Our teachers closely monitor students’ progress, customizing courses and exercises, especially for those excelling in maths and English, by offering advanced extension courses. Additionally, extra assistance is provided for students needing help to keep up with the curriculum.

Strong Teacher-Student Relationships

In Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep, small class sizes ensure that each child receives ample attention and support. Teachers go beyond imparting knowledge, aiding students in self-discovery and potential realization, while affirming their abilities and strengths. Our teachers are adept at identifying and addressing learning or personal development challenges, offering both professional and emotional support.

Diverse Extracurricular Activities

Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep offers over 60 extracurricular activities, including science, arts, humanities, and more, encompassing aerospace engineering, equestrianism, baseball, orchestras, Chinese cultural heritage, football, chess, debating, and calligraphy. These activities expose children to a wide range of knowledge and help them discover their interests and passions.

Additional Language Support

Recognizing the primary use of English in instruction, Harrow Shanghai Pre-Prep provides special attention to students needing to improve their English skills. Regular assessments of English proficiency are conducted, with after-school EAL courses available for those requiring additional support.

Strong Parents-School Connections

Harrow’s Pre-Prep hosts various Parent Seminars, Parents Participate Programme, Chinese Teaching Quality Monitoring Groups, Food Committees, and Friends of Harrow activities, ensuring deep parental involvement in school life and collaborative efforts in nurturing children’s growth.

Seamless Transition from Early Years to Pre-Prep

From the Reception stage in the Early Years at Harrow Shanghai, comprehensive English language and vocabulary training are provided, preparing children for the Pre-Prep phase. Specially, for advanced learners, targeted Year 1 phonics courses are offered, ensuring a personalized and high-quality educational experience for each child.

Furthermore, the spatial layout at Harrow Shanghai is thoughtfully designed. Reception classrooms in the Early Years are strategically located near the Pre-Prep to facilitate a smooth transition. From the third term, these children start interacting with Pre-Prep teachers, gradually adapting to the upcoming grade. The continuity in classroom layout from Reception to Pre-Prep assists in a smooth physical and psychological transition to primary school. 

Harrow Shanghai’s meticulous arrangements ensure the most suitable guidance for children at each stage of their development.