Harrow Leadership and Service programme

The Leadership and Service programme at Harrow Shanghai is central to our vision and mission and is firmly embedded in both curricular and co-curricular provision from Early Years through to Senior School. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to be involved in leadership and service activities, which extends into a pupil’s school and personal life. Pupils are encouraged to look beyond themselves, in an environment where giving to others develops learning and brings its own intrinsic rewards. 


As our pupils progress through the programme, they are given increasing levels of responsibility. In the Senior School, there is an expectation that the leadership and service programme is purposeful and increasingly pupil led. Our goal is that when pupils leave Harrow, they will be global citizens, possessing international mindedness, and a clear understanding of the value of commitment and service to others.


Since the start of the academic year our Harrow students in each phase have been involved in a whole variety of the activities and projects.  Here is a quick flavour:


Pre-Prep School 小学 

Fun Run 趣味跑

Fun Run around the Harrow campus in House t-shirts raising money for ‘Home Sweet Home’ charity. 

为了给慈善组织Home Sweet Home筹集资金,小学的老师与学生们穿上了学院服环校跑步,乐趣多多。

Eco Club 生态俱乐部

Eco-club are checking if lights and projectors are turned off. The most eco-friendly classroom receives an award in assembly every Friday. Pre-Prep classes are also tasked with designing and decorating their bin, to raise awareness of environmental issues and to develop teamwork skills.


Tang Mama Project 汤妈妈慈善项目

Year 4 are focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Clean Water’. The students are designing and creating sustainable bags to raise awareness and money for the Tang Mama Charity. Other fundraising activities have involved making and selling soap and running a charity music concert. 


Reading Leadership 阅读领导力项目

The Year 4 Reading Ambassadors have been reading  with the Reception children twice a week. 


Prep School 初中

Year 5 Camp 5年级营地活动

Students took part in a series of team-building games designed to familiarise themselves with the Prep School environment and their teachers. 


Year 6 Corporate Event 6年级企业经营活动

Teams of bankers, consultants, accountants and lawyers were involved in aquatic challenges, product design, marketing and culinary creations. 


Year 7 Beach Clean Up 7年级海滩清理项目

Our students witnessed first-hand the effects of plastic pollution and were making a positive difference cleaning up plastic waste on Nanhuizui beach. 


Year 8 Leadership Camp 8年级领导力营地活动

The students focused on solving problems creatively and demonstrated resilience. 


Years 7 and 8 Survivor Weekend 7至8年级生存者周末活动

Raft building, food rationing and preparation, shelter construction and the design of serviceable make-shift clothing were challenges that forced the students to collaborate, innovate and co-operate as a team.


Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS)

All Prep students have been working on their JASS Awards, with Year 5 working on Bronze, Year 6 on Silver and Years 7 and 8 on the Gold Award.


Senior School 高中

Boalian Temple and Monastery 宝莲庵项目

Our students and staff have been working on various garden and maintenance projects to help the monastery develop and improve.


Business Enterprise and Fundraising 哈罗商业筹款计划

Year 9 students were given the opportunity to create their own company and sell goods within the school. Part of the profits from their companies were donated to the Student Council’s charity fund. 


Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 爱丁堡公爵奖铜奖

The Shells (Y9) and Removes (Y10), as part of their Award training, have been preparing for their adventurous journeys by learning how to select suitable camping locations, put up a tent, perform basic first aid and read maps.

作为奖项培训的一部分, 9年级和10年级的学生一直在为他们的冒险旅程做准备,学习如何选择合适的露营地点、搭建帐篷、接受基础急救训练并学会了如何阅读地图。   

UN Sustainable Development Goals 联合国可持续发展目标

Goal 15: Life on Land – Year 10 students explored the balance between mankind and the environment with a study of deforestation in Indonesia. This culminated in Harrow hosting a Zoom discussion forum on this issue with three other Shanghai schools.  

目标15:地球上的生命 – 10年级的学生通过研究印度尼西亚的森林砍伐来探索人类与环境之间的平衡与共处,还与上海其他3所学校的学生就此展开了激烈的线上讨论。

Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – Developing confident and competent public speakers and presenters is one of the main leadership development goals. Senior students were tasked with preparing a Pecha Kucha presentation on “Obstacles to Peace”.

目标16:和平与正义 – 高中部学生就阻碍和平目标达成的障碍做了主题演讲,为此他们就武器、资源和种族等领域做了高质量研究。