University Offers for 2021

We’re delighted to announce that offers continue to be received by our Upper Sixth Form students from top-ranked institutions across the world, including the likes of Imperial College, University College London, King’s College London, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and many more. Last week, these hard-working students enjoyed an ice skating outing to the Mercedes-Benz arena to celebrate their success!  

Our A Level curriculum delivers results, prepares our pupils for life after Harrow and facilitates entry into the most competitive universities in the world. 

How do we prepare our students for excellent global universities?  

Beginning careers conversations as early as Removes (Year 10);

Regular visits from external speakers to awaken students’ curiosity about different career paths. Speakers have included representatives from the British government, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and engineering leaders in Shanghai; 

A Fifth Form Conference at Harrow UK to experience London’s cultural highlights and visit top UK universities, including Oxford;  

An Elite Scholars Conference at Harrow Bangkok for high performing Year 12 students from across the Harrow group;

Individualised support of Sixth Form students in course selection and drafting the personal statement; 

Mock interviews with lecturers at some of the best universities including UCL and LSE as well as PhD students at Cambridge University and Oxford University alumni;

Speakers address our students from highly ranked global universities including Duke University (USA), Kings College London and the University of British Colombia (Canada);

Why do we follow the A Level curriculum?  

The educational gold standard, accepted by universities the world over;  

USA universities often offer additional credits or even a reduced first year course to candidates who have taken A Levels; 

More and more new international schools in China are favouring A Levels (38% as opposed to 13% offering IB), showing the general trend towards this academic curriculum;  

Enhanced opportunities for specialisation and individual choice, especially suited to students with a clear sense of their academic strengths or career goals;  

Students can also keep their academic options open by choosing a breadth of subjects e.g. across the humanities and/or sciences; 

A Levels allow greater depth in their chosen field, better preparing students for applications to competitive universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and the US Ivy League;

In August 2019 (the last time students were able to sit summer public exams) 100% of our students achieved A/A* in Mathematics and we achieved a high Oxbridge success rate. 

In short, Harrow Shanghai offers your child an excellent start to life!