Harrow Shanghai Student Competing in the Winter Youth Olympics

Congratulations to Yuki C., a Year 10 student at Harrow Shanghai, for representing Team China at the 4th Winter Youth Olympic Games in Gangwon, South Korea, and achieving an impressive fourth place in the mixed team curling event! This marks the best result for the Chinese curling team in the history of the Winter Youth Olympics!

Yuki’s remarkable journey to the Winter Youth Olympics, from a beginner to an international competitor, took just two and a half years. Her story, covered by CCTV5, has garnered nationwide attention. Competing as the third and vice-captain of Team China, Yuki, the youngest and only athlete from the south China in the team, played a vital role, bonding the team with her vivacity and enthusiasm.

Yuki’s story extends beyond curling. At school, she excels academically and demonstrates exceptional musical talent. As the lead vocalist of the band and a pianist in the orchestra, Yuki can also lead rehearsals when needed. As the deputy House Captain, she actively participates in and organizes various campus activities.

The Harrow community, proud and thrilled upon learning of Yuki’s Olympic selection, live-streamed her matches, rallying the whole school in support. The teachers provided unwavering support, helping Yuki balance her academic and training commitments. The rich linguistic and cultural environment at the school also laid a solid foundation for Yuki’s confident and fluent communication on the international stage.

“I am immensely proud of Yuki’s outstanding accomplishments at this year’s Winter Youth Olympic Games. Before the Games, I was aware that she dedicated herself to rigorous training sessions in curling six days a week, yet she never allowed this to interfere with her academic responsibilities. Her unwavering commitment and devotion to her studies is truly commendable. Her exemplary work ethic extends beyond her training as she is an integral part of the Harrow Singers and serves as the lead vocalist for the school’s Bluer Band. Her determination and exceptional work ethic are a testament to her character and makes her an outstanding role model in Shaftesbury as our Deputy Captain.”

Amy Huang
Head of House

At Harrow, we understand the importance of academic achievement while nurturing each student’s individuality and unique talents. We encourage students to explore their interests, discover, and realize their potential.