TEDx Harrow: The Future Us 2044

At the recently concluded TEDx Harrow event, four of our senior school students, Skye S., Helen Z., Chloe T., and Sabrinna H, took to the stage to showcase their profound insights and unique visions for the future world. The theme of the conference, “The Future Us 2044,” was not just a contemplation of the future but also a sharing of the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our youth.

In a series of 5-minute TEDx speeches, the students explored a range of topics from Sustainable Fashion to the impact of AI in the Biological Sciences, and the various possibilities of technology aiding people with disabilities. Each speaker, with their distinct perspectives and vibrant personalities, painted a diverse and rich picture of the future world.

“My talk revolved around the theme of sustainable fashion, exploring the detrimental impacts fast fashion has on our planet and emphasising on the role of the fashion industry in shaping a better future. I want to enlighten my peers on this often overlooked aspect of our world, and show that sustainable fashion can be both stylish and environmentally friendly. In addition, I want to show them how we can make small steps towards a more sustainable industry through social media.”

Chloe T., Year 11 Student

“The theme of my talk at this TEDx Youth Conference was “The Future of Healthcare”. In my speech, I discussed 3 ways in which we will revolutionise healthcare in the year 2044: through the integration of nanotechnology, the personalisation of healthcare, and shifting from a reactive healthcare system to a more preventative approach. With this in mind, I believe that we will become fitter, happier and healthier in the future.”

Sabrinna H., Year 11 Student

“The theme of my talk is regulation of technology, where I summarised the threats to the affected parties (users, employees, the technology itself) depending on possible actions, and went over examples and difficulties of establishing laws for a past technology and future technologies. I tried to promote the idea that more of the general population should be proactively influencing laws that surrounds the modern day technology, so we can ensure these technologies will have a bright prospect for their future.”

Skye S., Year 12 Student

We were extremely honoured to listen to the perspectives of students from Harrow Schools on the future of our world and discuss how they intend to contribute to shaping this future. This event was not only a platform for exchanging ideas but also a stage for our students to showcase their speaking and presentation skills, which are crucial for their development as future leaders.

In addition to the insightful talks, our students participated in a series of activities with students from other Harrow Schools. In the evening, the Bluer Band from Harrow Shanghai put on a splendid musical performance, showcasing our students’ outstanding talents in music and performance.

We are looking forward to more such opportunities in the future where our students can showcase their talents on a global stage and contribute to the future of our world.