A New Year’s Fair with Flair

Join us at Harrow Shanghai for the Chinese New Year Celebrations! That’s more than just a fair, it’s a journey through time and culture. Dressed in the traditional attire of various ethnicities, we dive into the charm of intangible cultural heritage, feel the power of Chinese folk music, and taste the rich flavours of Chinese Traditional Food. This event shines a spotlight on the leadership and service spirit of our students and the warm power of our school-community partnership.

First off, let’s take our ears on a journey! East meets West in a harmonious blend of traditional and modern music. Our Upper School students present classical Chinese opera, Yu opera, and guzheng performances that seem to transport us through time. The violin piece “The Joy of Spring” is the very sound of spring! Not to be outdone, our Early Years children sing Chinese ancient poetry songs, unleashing their cute charm and sweetening the atmosphere to the max!

Next, let’s delve into the intangible cultural heritage at the Harrow Chinese New Year Fair. Clay figurine making, sugar painting, and dragon’s beard candy… these crafts are a feast for the eyes. Additionally, Harrow parents showcase their culinary skills with a spread of hometown flavours–Guizhou’s intangible cultural heritage sour soup, old Beijing candied hawthorns, Suzhou dumplings, Wenzhou fish cakes, and northern dumplings—each dish brimming with love and tradition.

We also witness the leadership and service spirit among our Upper School students. They decorate booths, organize games, and show enthusiasm and wisdom from planning to execution. This not only hones their leadership and service awareness but also deepens their appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture.

Charity plays a crucial role too! Our four houses join hands with their supported charities—Shanghai Baby Home, Shanghai Adoption Day, Shanghai Qingcongquan, and Xiersen Charity—for a meaningful charity sale. Through this event, we spread love and warmth to those in need, including sick orphans, individuals with autism, and stray animals.

This Chinese New Year fair at Harrow, resembling a large family gathering, is made special by the active participation of children and the enthusiastic support of parents, turning it into more than just an event—it’s a cultural legacy and community cohesion. Here, everyone is a guardian and inheritor of Chinese culture, together painting a beautiful tapestry of cultural heritage.