Maths Learning Journey

At Harrow Shanghai, our teaching team organises and mentors students each year to take part in a number of world-class Maths competitions, leading them to demonstrate their outstanding talents on the global stage. Our Harrovians have consistently won awards in these contests, reaching the world finals on multiple occasions, a source of great pride for us.

This exceptional performance is not just evident in competitions but also in academic pursuits. In choosing A-Level subjects, Maths is essential for many university applications.

This admissions season, Harrow Shanghai Maths Team, with their expert guidance, helped students gain offers from leading universities worldwide, including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, University of Toronto, and University of Hong Kong, showcasing the excellence of Harrow’s Maths education.

Let’s explore the Maths Learning Journey at Harrow Shanghai.

Harrow Shanghai employs a spiral approach to teaching, ensuring students deepen their understanding of new Maths concepts on a solid foundation. This method, by integrating new knowledge with previously learned content, such as introducing algebra after geometry, helps students connect concepts and deepen their understanding. We aim for our students’ Maths skills to spiral upwards, rather than just for linear growth.

Harrow Maths Week

Moving away from traditional exam-focused education, we emphasise understanding, reasoning and expressing mathematical concepts, and applying Maths to solve real-life problems. By using real-life examples, like the United Airlines overbooking scenario, we teach students to apply Maths knowledge in real situations, like deducing airline ticket pre-sale mechanisms.

International Curriculum and Progress Design

Harrow Shanghai Maths curriculum aligns with the UK, adjusting the teaching pace to suit international families. From Year 6, students begin with the UK Year 7 Maths curriculum, advancing to IGCSE Maths in Year 9, ensuring they focus on Additional Maths by Year 11.

Personalised Leveled Teaching

At Harrow Shanghai, we offer Leveled Teaching with three different objectives, ensuring every student learns at the right level for them. We provide differentiated classroom activities and homework based on each student’s progress, maximising their development.

Beyond the Classroom

Harrow Shanghai Maths education extends well beyond the classroom. During our ECA time, the school offers enriching projects like the combination of Maths and origami, competition coaching, financial literacy, games, and puzzles, covering all stages from Early Years to Upper School.

We also host Maths lunch clubs three times a week, allowing pupils to dine with teachers and discuss Maths problems. The after-school study club remains open until 6 pm, where teachers patiently address queries. During holidays, we provide holiday clubs for pupils preparing for exams, offering concentrated revision sessions. Sixth Form pupils can also book appointments with teachers for specialised exam support.

Harrow Shanghai Maths Team, with their professionalism and dedication, fully supports the growth of every Harrovian.

Collaborations and Competitions

Harrow Shanghai fosters Maths learning through active exchanges with well-known international schools, hosting Maths activities to encourage deep learning and communication. The Maths competitions we organise, especially the upcoming World Maths Competition, not only raise Harrow Shanghai’s reputation but also offer students from all over Shanghai the chance to showcase their Maths prowess.

Harrow Shanghai has blended the best of Eastern and Western Maths education, creating a tailored teaching plan that meets our students’ needs.