House Chess Competition

In the age of instant gratification, where the demand for quick and efficient solutions dominates, it becomes crucial for students to participate in activities that promote deep thinking and strategic planning. Chess, this ancient game of intellect, holds a unique and important place in international education and is even part of the compulsory curriculum in many schools across Europe and America. It’s not just a simple board game but an art of wisdom, invaluable for fostering students’ logical thinking, decision-making skills, and patience and perseverance.

Recently, a fantastic Harrow Chess Competition came to a successful conclusion, with our players displaying admirable performances through their intelligence and brave hearts. Congratulations to Shaftesbury for winning the Upper School group championship and Churchill for clinching the Pre-Prep school group championship.

In this intellectual contest, Winnie H. was awarded the Master Challenge Champion Award for her exceptional chess skills and strategic thinking. Charlie H. and Jason J. received the Best Participant Awards. Meanwhile, Jasper S., Ken Z., Chris Z., Kaden Z., Bohan H., and Roy X. were honoured with the Best Sportsmanship Awards for their indomitable spirit. Their outstanding chess skills and composed strategies brought honour to their House.

At Harrow School, we fully recognise the value of chess. It’s not just a brainstorming exercise but a perfect way to build determination, courage, and a positive spirit. Therefore, in the 2023-24 academic year, we introduced chess clubs for the primary and secondary sections, offering Beginner and Intermediate levels to cater to students’ needs from basic to advanced learning. The Intermediate level class is led by professional coaches from the SCA Shanghai Chess Academy, ensuring students can improve their chess skills under expert guidance.

Although Harrow students have only been involved with chess for half a year, they have already excelled in various external competitions. Notably, in the recent International School Online Chess League, the Harrow team achieved 13th place, showcasing the strength and potential of Harrow students. These competitions have not only enhanced their chess skills but also deepened their understanding and love for this ancient sport.

For children with a keen interest in chess, both the National Chess Promotion Tournament and the Shanghai Regional Promotion Tournament offer opportunities to refine their skills. Jason J. has made remarkable progress in these tournaments, securing the title of National Level 9 Chess Player and Shanghai Regional Level 8 Chess Player within a mere three months. He is now aiming to climb to even higher levels.

Finally, Bohan H. shared the valuable lesson he learned from this competition: “I learned that even if you lose a game, you can learn something from your opponent and never give up!” This positive attitude and desire for learning are qualities Harrow hopes to cultivate in every student.

“Making friends through chess, opening minds with chess,” Harrow School is committed to expanding chess and other board game activities, allowing more students to enjoy the fun of chess and thus promoting their all-round development. Let’s look forward to more achievements from the Harrow chess team in the future.