Harrow Potter Book Week

To mark World Book Day, Harrow Shanghai proudly presents a Book Week themed around the enchanting world of Harrow Potter, aiming to ignite a passion for reading in children. The event invites students from 18 months to 18 years old to delve into the fantastical realms offered by books and discover the endless joy of learning.

During the week, we’ve arranged a “Parent-Child Reading” session in the Early Years, where parents share their beloved childhood stories and selected picture books with their little ones in clas. This heartwarming activity not only spreads the joy of reading amongst families but also strengthens the precious bonds between parents and children.

A Vibrant highlight was the book swap market, led by the Pre-Prep student council. Children exchanged their treasured reads, not only diversifying their own bookshelves but also uncovering new fascinations through the shared tales of adventure and discovery.

The “Cross-Age Reading Buddy Programme” stands out as a beacon of the Book Week, fostering unique pairings between senior and junior students for joint reading sessions in the library’s serene nooks. This initiative cultivated a sense of camaraderie, leadership, and the essence of service among students.

Our special “Meet the Authors” session brought the writers of “My Shanghai” to the school for an up-close interaction with the students. Through the authors’ tales of Shanghai, children are inspired to see the beauty around them, explore the unique aspects of Shanghai, and experiment with creating their own stories, experiencing the delight of writing.

The pinnacle of Book Week was undoubtedly the “Harrow Potter Day”. Adorned in Hogwarts robes and armed with wands, students plunged into a series of meticulously designed puzzles and treasure hunts, simulating an authentic magical quest. Further enriching this experience, classroom sessions led by our teachers delved into the rich tapestry of British culture and society as depicted in the Harry Potter series, turning this day into not just an adventure but a profound cultural exploration.

Harrow Shanghai Book Week was more than a cultural celebration; it was a voyage of the heart and mind. Through these ingeniously planned activities, we aspire for our students to find joy in the pages of books, to venture into new realms of imagination, and to cultivate a richer sense of self along their journey. In this magical quest, each student is a daring explorer, with every book a treasure trove of spiritual growth.