Harrow Shanghai Careers Day

Last week, Harrow Shanghai held a unique Careers Day event. It was an event combining knowledge, experience and communication, aiming to build a platform for students to explore the career world and plan for their future. In this event, students benefited from the sharing of 10 parents and guest speakers.

Mr Carannante, the Chief Project Engineer of CSG Fincantieri Cruises revealed to the students the fascination of the maritime industry, explaining in depth the principles and composition of large ships as well as the tasks of cruise ship marine engineering. He also looked at the future prospects of the cruise industry, giving the students a clearer understanding of the field.

Ms Liu, as a public art promoter, showed students the perfect combination of technology and art through the OASIS program. She shared her experience of collaborating with artists and designers from around the world and her story of promoting the arts and culture industry through the public art program. She also shared her family stories and the cartoon and animation images she created for her children, which made the students feel the close connection between art and life. 

Dr Guo, Lead Scientist of Siemens China Research Institute. She used cutting-edge technologies such as LIDAR and 3D modeling as an introduction to show students the daily work of a research scientist. She talked about how career paths in science and technology are full of endless possibilities and challenges.

Dr Agnieszka shared her path to become a doctor. She described in detail what it takes to prepare to become a doctor and how one step at a time you can reach the pinnacle of the medical field. She also described the career fields related to medicine, giving the students a more comprehensive understanding of the medical profession.

Biochemistry scientist Dr Zhang, an explorer of life sciences, was also present. He shared with the students the pathway to become a biochemistry scientist, as well as the knowledge and skills they need to acquire in this field. The research experience at top institutions such as Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, San Francisco has made the students respect and aspire to Dr Zhang’s career.

Mr Pan, a representative of the investment banking sector, also gave a wonderful sharing to the students. He talked about the work content of investment banking and the future development prospect. He also encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and work hard to become a good investment banker.

Mr Song, a software development engineer led the students to look forward to the future development of technology, especially in cutting-edge fields such as AR and metaverse. He emphasized the importance of maintaining curiosity and a never-ending spirit of exploration for the tech industry, leaving a deep impression on the students.

Mr Tang, a crypto currency expert, introduced to the students the origin, principles, types and investment risks of virtual currencies. He warned the students to be rational about virtual currencies, not to follow the trend blindly, and to learn to protect their own property security.

Ms. Zhao, a lawyer in the field of investment and finance, unveiled the mystery of the lawyer’s profession to the students. She talked about why she chose to become a lawyer and how to become a legal agent in China. She also shared the daily work and segmentation of lawyers.

Mr. Lu demonstrated the appeal and challenges of the energy industry. Drawing from his time at BP, he shared insights on driving innovation in customer experiences and digital products. This provided students with a deeper understanding of both the energy sector and the digital landscape.

In the Careers Day event, the sharing of parents and guests not only broadened the students’ horizons, but also stimulated their interest and enthusiasm in their future careers. We believe that our Harrovians will be able to shine in their respective fields in the future!