Celebrating 450 Years of History

Harrow celebrates 450 years of leadership in education this year. Founded in 1572, we celebrate our past, which has fostered world leaders like Winston Churchill, and literary talents like Lord Byron. Harrow continues to withstand the test of time and enlightens millions of future talents through its extensive network of schools, of which Harrow Shanghai is proud to be a part.

Commemoration Service

Harrow’s 450th anniversary will be celebrated on Friday, 11th February at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where we will go back in time to celebrate  and refound our legendary roots. All Harrovians past and present, as well as their families, are invited to witness this monumental occasion in a virtual get-together, where every school will receive a seal from Harrow UK to mark this extraordinary milestone. 

Harrow Shanghai will partake in meaningful, collaborative events and programmes throughout the year to celebrate Harrow’s incredible journey over the centuries. 

All Harrow schools will participate together to demonstrate Harrow’s core values of courage, honour, humility and fellowship.

Harrow 450 Sustainability Project-We Innovate

Can humans live on the moon?

Can dietary change save the planet?

Have you ever reflected on these issues?

All Harrow schools will collaborate to creatively solve real-world sustainability challenges raised by 5 higher education institutes, to “steer global sustainable development”. Our students will stretch their imaginations to propose creative answers to build a better future by tackling one of the questions posed below:

For the Harrow 450 Sustainability Project, our Harrow Year 2 pupils sought to answer an important question; how do we create more green spaces in cities? 

The children first explored what sustainability actually means, and decided that the definition that they liked best was not taking more than you need so that there is enough left for the future. Then we looked at how we could make small teaspoons of change in our everyday lives, such as turning off the lights and not using single-use plastic. 

The children then explored what a city is and all of the important things that make a city green and sustainable, such as rooftop gardens, cycle-paths, recycling plants and wind farms.

Finally, the children got into groups and began creating their own cities out of recycled materials that they had brought in! They started by creating their own success criteria of what to include based on what we had learned, such as cycle paths, an area to recycle and, of course, lots of green spaces such as parks and rooftop gardens! 

The cities that they produced independently are absolutely fantastic! Well done Year Two.

This gives you a small taste of the many sustainability projects our pupils of all ages are tackling in their passion to make the world a better place. Our Harrow 450 Sustainability Project will climax with a virtual competition final on March 10th to celebrate all the ideas generated towards a sustainable world.

As we celebrate 450 years of Harrow history and heritage all year long, watch this space for many, many more events in the year to come, which include the likes of a community service day, a music festival and much, much more.