Early Years Sports Day: A Celebration of Childhood, Vitality, and Harrow Values

Amid the enthusiasm of summer and the joy of Children’s Day, Harrow Shanghai Early Years recently planned a unique summer athletics event. Children from Cubs to Reception all participated enthusiastically, adding endless joy to the summer with their passion and vitality.

On the sports field, a series of fun-filled games awaited the children’s challenge. Relays, running, football, kangaroo run, and even dreamy bubble games, etc., allowed the children to run around happily and enjoy the joy of sports.

In this sports event, the children not only demonstrated their athletic talents but also interpreted the Harrow Values – “Courage”, “Honour”, “Humility”, and “Fellowship” through their performance in the competition. Many of them stepped onto the competitive field for the first time, but in the face of challenges, they showed tremendous courage and resilient spirit. Even when they fell, they quickly stood up and carried on. This indomitable spirit inspired everyone present. For the collective honour of the class, the children also tried their utmost. They strived for every point, won honours for their class and also won medals for themselves. On the field, they learned to fight for honour and strive for the team.

The cheerleading around the venue was even more incessant, as children cheered for each other, demonstrating their deep Fellowship. They supported and encouraged each other, jointly experiencing an unforgettable summer sports event. In all aspects, the children also demonstrated their spirit of mutual support. They helped each other to complete the task together. This orderly and united spirit made everyone at the scene proud of them.

In the final “Parent Run” session, our parents led by example by actively participating and running on the track, setting a good example for the children. After the sports meeting, an intimate parent-child picnic further pushed the joy to its climax. Parents and children reunited, enjoying wonderful parent-child time and delicious food together.

This sports meeting is not only a beautiful record of the children’s growing up, but also a testimony to their growth and progress over the past year. With a new school year approaching, we look forward to the children being able to continue their passion and vitality, facing more challenges and opportunities, and growing robustly in the Harrow Shanghai Community.