Summer Carnival: A Global Fun for All

Last Saturday, the first Harrow Shanghai Carnival arrived with a bang. It was fun from the beginning to the end, and was universally popular with parents and children: everyone said they had a great time. So let’s take a magical journey together and recall those wonderful moments!

In the games area, a group of special “stall owners” attracted everyone’s attention – they were “game stall owners” transformed from Harrow Shanghai students! Throwing sandbags, hoopla, face painting, handicrafts… all kinds of games! To attract business, the students brought out all their talents, and assorted “sales secret prescriptions” were brought to the table, making the scene extraordinarily lively!

Guess who came to the “Dunk Tank” scene? Yes, it’s our Head Master Mr. Reed! He personally took part in this unique challenge with the children. From Early Years to Upper School, everyone made a great effort to “hit” the Head Master into the water. Mr. Reed also had fun with it, making a hit with the parents and children, grounding him in many ways at the same time.

Our student band and teacher choir ignited the scene, reaching a surprisingly professional level. The teachers were not to be outdone; from Early Years to Upper School, teachers of various subjects turned into music talents and performed on stage. The PE teacher sang while playing his piano, the economics teacher turned into a cool DJ, and the music teacher ignited the audience’s enthusiasm with Chinese songs. This is the Harrow family: diverse, inclusive and brimming with vitality!

The carnival also attracted the participation of many well-known brands. Tims, Vita Student, Disney, Aismartland, SHU and other brands made their debut at the scene, bringing abundant gifts and interactive experiences for the children. The cross-border cooperation between these brands and Harrow not only added more highlights and surprises to the carnival but also brought more joy and gains for the children. Thank you for the strong support of these brands for the Harrow Shanghai Carnival!

In order for younger children to enjoy the fun of the carnival, we also prepared a water park. Refreshing water splashes, interesting bubble balls, exciting challenge projects… they all allowed the children to find their own happy world in the hot summer. They frolicked in the water and had an unforgettable Children’s Day.

In addition to the endless games and fun projects, we also prepared a magical “Harrow Theatre” for the little ones! Here, the little ones could immerse themselves in their favourite cartoon world, reliving those heart-touching childhood memories. Holding sweet popcorn in their hands, they laughed and screamed with their friends in the intertwining lights, weaving an unforgettable time magic!

Harrow Shanghai Carnival was not just a simple carnival activity, but a gathering for children to show themselves, feel joy, and spread love. We hope that every child had the most happy and unforgettable “Children’s Day” here. Thank you to all the parents, students and staff who participated in the carnival. Your support and contribution made this event more exciting and memorable!

Harrow Shanghai Carnival looks forward to meeting everyone again next year, continuing to bring more joy to the children!

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