Free Thinking Week

In our Second Annual Free Thinking week we reflected as a community on the theme of place, where our journeys through life had taken us in the past and present, and our future aspirations. 

“Free Thinking week is a chance to celebrate ways students have grown and developed through the academic year. It is also an opportunity for us to reflect more broadly as a community on what it means to be part of Harrow Shanghai, and what this community means to us. Students developed their sense of creativity and inquiry, as part of a series of project-based workshops around their own understanding of place.”

Simon Probert
Deputy Head

We started the week with the words of the great Chinese poet Xu Zhimo on ‘Saying Goodbye to Cambridge’. Students participated in a range of activities from a workshop with Year 10 students which used a AI tools and Canva to ideate their past and future lives, to using Maths to think about the geography of our life journeys, to a walking tour of the Bund with Year 9. And with Pre-Prep students the use of our new Class VR Headsets to experience different places globally, alongside a trip around the world with their teachers.

We finished the week by attending a performance put together by our fantastic performing and creative arts team where students did a series of skits on the life of the many people of Shanghai accompanied by an orchestral suite written by some of our most musical students , and wearing costumes designed by some of our top artists. 

An amazing 3 days reflecting on what it means to be a member of this warm and wonderful community.