Top Honour: Prestigious Canadian Scholarship Awarded

Congratulations to Karen M., a soon-to-be graduate of Harrow Shanghai, for securing admission to the Computer Engineering programme at the University of Toronto and standing out among thousands of applicants worldwide to receive the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship! The Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is one of the most competitive and esteemed global scholarships, with an acceptance rate below 2%. It is given to young people who demonstrate exceptional academic potential and comes with 100% fee remission for the entire four-year degree! Let’s delve into Karen’s story!

A girl passionate about science and engineering, Karen has been fascinated since childhood by the “magic” of airplanes soaring through the azure skies. The wonder of aviation technology sparked her deep interest in mathematics and science. She pursued knowledge relentlessly, from understanding electrical concepts, to honing programming skills, and delving into the mysteries of computer science. “The practical applications of these disciplines are so intriguing in everyday life, especially in automotive, aviation, and computing technologies. They shape our future,” she explains.

Ultimately, Karen decided to focus her university studies on computer engineering. “The University of Toronto’s Computer Engineering ranks first in Canada and has a leading edge in artificial intelligenceas well as in the fields of full self-driving and electric vehicles along with green energy fields,” she excitedly elaborates. In the future, she aspires to make significant strides in the fields of full self driving and green energy vehicles, aiming to promote more sustainable modes of travel and contribute her intellect and passion to global energy and environmental sustainability.

“I also hope to use the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship at the University of Toronto as a platform to inspire more young girls to love and pursue STEM subjects,” says Karen, demonstrating the generosity of spirit that she has displayed as our Academic Monitor. Karen has organised a programme of academic support for younger pupils in our school and is widely admired for her work ethic and scholarly abilities.

At Harrow Shanghai, our teachers know their pupils very well. We seek, as part of our university guidance programme, to open students’ eyes to a wide range of opportunities and, once they have finalised their options, work with them and their families to craft successful applications. Karen’s love for science and engineering has been carefully cultivated by our teachers, who provided personalised guidance and support both inside and outside the classroom, including helping her excel in academic challenges in Maths and Science. 

Recent Awards Achieved:

Gold – United Kingdom Chemistry Olympiad  (UKChO)

Gold – Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Gold – Senior Mathematical Challenge

Silver – Duke of Edinburgh Award

Silver – British Physics Olympiad (BPhO)

In addition to her studies, Karen has actively participated in various extracurricular activities and personal development opportunities related to her interests in engineering and green energy. These include a 120-hour internship at Ducati, completing an EPQ titled ” How plausible is it that Formula 1 will become net zero carbon by 2030?,” starting the Arduino Club to explore robotics, attending a Rolls-Royce training workshop, and joining the school’s AI committee. “Extracurricular activities have shaped my engineering dreams,” she says.

“Karen is, quite simply, a force of nature. She is pursuing five A-Levels, is on course to achieve top grades across the board, and has secured several offers from esteemed universities around the world. She fully deserves the scholarship she has been awarded; she is focused, relentless, works extraordinarily hard. In addition to her studies, Karen has somehow found the time to complete an EPQ, compete in numerous competitions, volunteer for good causes, complete an outstanding EPQ and even do work experience in her chosen field! She has also been an active and engaged member of Byron House in her time at our school and, as our Academic Monitor, has supported and inspired many of our younger children. We are very proud of her!”

Zach Bennetts
Head of Senior School

Once again, congratulations to Karen! We look forward to her learning of her accomplishments in Toronto! At Harrow Shanghai, we aim to inspire every child in our care, deliver an holistic international education based on the best of British traditions, and provide our students with the tools they need realise their potential. We’d love for you to join us; please visit Harrow Shanghai and tell us about your dreams and ambitions!