Harrow Shanghai Celebrates Excellence at Prize Giving

Harrow Shanghai held its annual Prize Giving Ceremony on the last day of this year, marking the successful conclusion of another extraordinary academic year. The event was a wonderful occasion, celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students. It embodies the unique and inclusive culture of our school, along with the honorable values we uphold – Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship.

The opening of the ceremony was a captivating performance by the School Orchestra. Their rendition of “Overture from The Barber Seville” showcased the exceptional talent and dedication of our pupils, leaving the audience mesmerized.

Our Head Master, Mr Reed, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated staff and supportive parents, whose unwavering contributions have been instrumental in our school’s success. Mr Reed reflected on the past year’s academic accomplishments and shared an inspiring vision for the future.

One of the cherished traditions at Harrow Shanghai is the capping ritual during the Prize Giving Ceremony. This symbolic act involves the Head Master reading out each student’s name, to which the student responds by “capping.” This ritual signifies the endorsement of each student’s journey and accomplishments at Harrow.

The ceremony honored subject award winners across allyear groups, outstanding students from each House, and the distinguished recipients of the Head Master’s Prize. We are immensely proud of and inspiredby the achievements of all our prize winners. 

The graduates received their memorable certificates for graduation with the Head Master’s best wishes, embarking on a new journey towards further studies at the world’s top universities.

This year, the prestigious House Award was presented to Shaftesbury, recognizing their teamwork and successes in various competitions throughout the year. Congratulations to Shaftesbury for their outstanding performance!

With the conclusion of the Prize Giving Ceremony, this school year has come to a perfect end. See you in August for the new academic year!