First Day of School

We are so excited to welcome our smiley happy Harrovians back to the campus!

After a long summer break, our quiet campus is filled with laughter again – which is wonderful! The Head Master and our teachers really enjoyed welcoming back our pupils off the buses and at the school gates.  The pupils looked very smart in their uniforms. After saying goodbye to their parents, pupils lined up in an orderly fashion and had their temperature checked before entering the campus and starting their first new day of the academic year.

Harrow Shanghai was fully prepared for the first day of school! Our teachers had gone through rounds of comprehensive training, and were determined to provide the best learning experience to our pupils. The whole school had been intensely cleaned and was compliant with all regulations to ensure the safety and health of our pupils.

Our teachers have been working hard to get ready for the new academic year. We have a great new team of teachers joining us from across the globe to continue to inspire the students at Harrow Shanghai alongside our staff who worked incredibly hard to ensure the students experienced an excellent education last year despite all the challenges of Covid-19.

New teachers took part in presentations on the exciting opportunities of life in Shanghai, recommendations of great places to travel in China as well as learning some basic mandarin. They were introduced to the Extra-Curricular opportunities they can contribute to at Harrow Shanghai and also they learnt about how they can help contribute to the School’s Leadership & Service programme– such experiences really help build up the positive rapports between teachers and students which ultimately benefits the learning in the classroom.

Whole staff training was a mixture of in school training and opportunities for colleagues to meet and prepare for the new year.  The staff had their annual Safeguarding training in order to ensure that we look after the safety and wellbeing of every child at Harrow Shanghai, as well as specialist training on teaching programmes for English and Maths.  There were also whole staff sessions on how best to support pupils with English as a second language or any individual learning needs.  We spent time reflecting on our key values and aims of courage, honour, humility and fellowship in order to continue collegiately growing as a community.  And most importantly we made time to ensure that school was safe, ready and prepared to welcome our pupils back to get straight on with their learning.

Strict Anti-epidemic Measures

  • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection

Our campus has undergone a thorough deep disinfection clean in all areas. After the school starts, we will ensure our safety management team will implement thorough daily cleaning and disinfection.

  • Covid Information Sharing

Before the start of new school year, our staff had received relevant training to strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and control. We are mindful of the mental and physical health of our Harrow community, therefore offering professional support and guidance wherever necessary.  This information was also shared with pupils in our first assembly of the new academic year.

  • Epidemic Prevention Drills

Our Harrow staff had been informed and conducted a physical tour of the strict epidemic prevention drills. All of us practised the arrival procedure and temperature testing in the morning, bearing in mind the health check process, class instructions, playtime rules, hand washing procedure etc to guarantee that all students are kept extremely safe at all times.

We wish everyone in the Harrow community the warmest welcome back to school! We look forward to another great year filled with learning new things, working together, and having lots of fun!