Wide and Diverse Extra-Curricular Activities

At Harrow Shanghai we are committed to providing an outstanding all-round education, and life beyond the classroom is an essential aspect of what we offer. We believe that Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) broaden horizons and instill a sense of adventure, leadership, teamwork and decision-making, complementing what goes in the academic curriculum.

There is a wide and diverse range of activities on offer and whether you enjoy art, music, drama, sport, languages, Modul United Nations, helping disadvantaged groups, competing in the Duke of Edinburgh Award or just wanting to try something new, there is sure to be a club available for you.

Learn More About ECAs

  • When do pupils start to have ECAs at Harrow Shanghai?

Our ECA curriculum starts at Nursery age, which is much earlier than many other internationals schools in Shanghai. Pupils in Early Years are immersed in a vibrant range of opportunities and challenges to develop their skills after school.Through art workshop, ball games, gymnastics, painting, creative dancing and other specialist Harrow programmes, the children develop their leadership skills, which are broken down in Early Years to focus on ‘i TEAM UP’, ‘i CREATE’, ‘i GO FOR IT’, ‘i CARE’, ‘i HELP’, ‘i RESPECT’. In Art Factory for example, our little Harrovians are encouraged to use their imagination and create their own art pieces made from different materials and colours. We are always amazed by the tremendous artwork designed by these young Harrovians.

  • When do pupils have ECAs at school?

ECAs take place everyday Monday to Thursday from 15:00 to 16:00. We are very proud that all of pupils are involved in the programme, from Early Years to Upper Sixth. This enables us to broaden the horizons of our pupils and ensure they experience a range of activities outside of the academic curriculum. We firmly believe every child has a great number of talents and passions yet to be discovered and we see it as our responsibility to develop them to the fullest over time. 

  • Do I need to spend extra money to pay for ECAs?

Many parents spend a lot money on extra-curricular activities outside of school to enrich pupils’ life and develop additional skills. At Harrow Shanghai however, the vast majority of our ECAs are free, with the exception of some specialist programmes, where we invite outside professionals to to our campus. Our pupils are exposed to a vast range of opportunities whereby they learn new skills and discover talents they were previously unaware of.

  • Who are the teachers?

In addition to utilising the strengths and areas of specialism that we have amongst our talented staff, we also recruit the very best experts to support our extensive programme. In doing so, this broadens the range of opportunities and increases attainment through the implementation of elite and specialised provision. 

  • What is the Harrow Super-Curriculum?

At Harrow Shanghai, we attach great importance to balance the rigour of carefully crafted examination preparation with the development of research skills and the ability to debate, communicate confidently, solve problems and think both critically and creatively. As a result, we developed our Super-Curriculum, which encapsulates all those activities that foster academic endeavour beyond the measurable outcomes of examination results. It includes (but is not limited to) wide and habitual reading, extended project work, debate, public speaking, research, competitions, academic lectures and study trips.

We are extremely excited about the fun-filled academic year ahead and we have no doubts that our pupils will thoroughly enjoy the fantastic range of ECAs on offer.