Focusing on Things that You Love

A Levels are becoming more popular in China every year.  Indeed, the number of students taking A Levels in China increased by 9 percent in 2019.  A Levels are recognised as being the Gold Standard when it comes to applying to the very best universities across the globe.  A Levels are accepted across the planet – from the USA to Australia, and of course within the UK. Universities like the fact that A Levels are based on final exams and are a real in-depth assessment of knowledge and understanding that goes way beyond the content levels of the likes of the IB. Pupils typically study the three or four subjects which interest them most and which will best prepare them for their chosen university course or future career plans.  Thus, they can engage wholeheartedly in their learning without being distracted by subjects they do not enjoy or feel less confident in. To find out more about the real stories of learning A Levels at Harrow Shanghai, watch the video!

无论你是精通数理化的理科学霸,还是才华横溢的艺术狂热者,你总能在A Level中找到属于自己的一方天地。来自哈罗上海12年级的Aegean与Midori就是这样截然相反的两位学生。

Midori大概就是家长口中“别人家的孩子”,IGCSE门门A*,成绩相当亮眼。从IB学校转学到哈罗的她,对未来有着明确的目标与规划。立志于将来在大学学习生物医学专业的她,毅然决然地选择了数理化生作为她的A Level学科。如今,经过半年的A Level学习,A Level深入的学科设置,让她不断探索学科的无穷奥秘,发掘自己的无限潜能。

Aegean则是一个才华横溢的“艺术系宝藏女孩”,不仅小提琴、钢琴、吉他、各项乐器信手拈来,还能编词作曲自创英文歌曲。除了令人瞩目的音乐天赋,戏剧舞台上的她同样是闪闪发光。对艺术着迷的她,选择了音乐、戏剧与英语文学作为她的A Level学科。天生属于舞台的她,在A Level专注而深刻的学习中,正一步一步朝着她的梦想靠近。

如果您对她们的A Level学习生活感兴趣,欢迎点击视频,查看她们在哈罗上海的A Level学习生活与追梦故事。