Happy Harroween

Happy Harroween!Harrow Shanghai was fully immersed in this magical festivity. Let’s check out the magic brought by Harrovians.

Our little models—the Early Years pupils, have boldly taken to the catwalk to showcase their carefully prepared Harroween costumes. For many of them, it might be the first time standing in front of their peers, yet their confidence and courage are truly commendable!

Harrow’s tradition, the “Tunnel of Terror” haunted house, has once again brought us a delightful surprise. This is not just a haunted house filled with horror and excitement, but also a meticulously planned presentation by the Sixth Form Students for everyone. Every corner brims with creativity, perfectly capturing the spirit of Harroween.

But that’s not all, the Upper School student council have also prepared a series of Harroween games for the Pre-Prep school students. From face painting and pumpkin archery to the spooky photo booth, each activity is irresistibly fun!

At the same time, the “Best Harroween Costume Award” held within the House has everyone eager to participate and see who will be the star of the day.

Oh, and there’s more! A campus-wide “Treasure Hunt Adventure” brings endless joy and challenges to everyone.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our fellow students for their contributions and efforts towards this Harroween celebration. With exceptional Leadership and Service Spirit , you have meticulously crafted a Harroween that is truly unforgettable for all Harrovians!