Sports Day Highlights

Last Friday marked the successful conclusion of the 2023 Harrow Shanghai Sports Day. It wasn’t just an athletic event, but also a display of Harrow’s core values. Let’s check out the standout moments.

The 25-metre sprint saw the children’s spirit and passion in full flight. Events such as relays, long-distance runs, and obstacle races underlined their enthusiasm for sports. Harrow Four Values – Courage, Honour, Fellowship, and Humility – were evident throughout. Every student was driven, supporting their peers with enthusiasm.

Parents actively joined in, cheering for their kids and showing their family’s courage on the field. Their involvement added a family touch to the event and set a positive example for the children.

Competitions in the Upper School were filled with energy and determination. Students, pouring sweat and effort onto the track, embodied the Harrow spirit in every stride.

Sports like the javelin throw, shot put, and standing long jump highlighted the diverse skills of the participants. Each one aimed to make their house proud, showcasing both talent and grit. Engaging activities, from basketball challenges to cornhole tosses, brought joy and showcased teamwork and creativity.

The House Run, a Harrow tradition, exemplified unity as everyone rallied for their respective houses. Special applause goes to Churchill House for clinching the top spot, exemplifying Harrow’s essence.

Finally, congratulations to the House Winner, Churchill House, for their resilience and determination on the field, truly representing Harrow students’ splendour.