Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Harrow Shanghai planned a number of creative community activities for our students in this Mid-Autumn Festival. Our pupils, in traditional and ethnic costumes, celebrated this unique Chinese festival in style. Let’s dive into each year group and see their special Mid-Autumn moments.

With parents by their side, our little Harrovians created colourful lanterns. Parents also made special ‘moons’ representing unity and happiness,  letting the kids bring home these cute ‘moons’ and lots of love! Our Pre-Prep students, along with their parents, crafted delicious mooncakes. They’ve wrapped up their homemade treats to share the Mid-Autumn sweetness and joy with their families.

Our Upper School students engaged in a slightly different way, involving themselves in diverse activities such as Mid-Autumn Debates and Archery. They not only honed their skills but also delved deeper into the rich cultural traditions behind the Mid-Autumn Festival, gaining a more profound understanding of its origins and significance.

At this festive time, Harrow Shanghai hopes every student can embrace the warm, unique spirit of Mid-Autumn and traditional Chinese culture, and share the joy and happiness of this festival with their loved ones.