The Extra Mile at Harrow Shanghai

A Harrow education is an holistic one. It is for life! We have a rigorous academic curriculum, and we have a wonderful Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme. Our ECA programme, at the end of each weekday, offers a diverse array of activities that encourages pupils to step out of their comfort zone, discover new dimensions of learning and to find out what they are passionate about. Our ECA programme is about extension! Extending the Mind, extending the Body and extending the Soul.

STEAM Programme

Let’s look at some of the activities that extend the Mind and develop independence and critical thinking skills. We’ve launched a set of vibrant debating platforms, in both English and Chinese, a Model United Nations Group, Current Affairs, creative writing and a range of Science, Maths and Humanities ECAs that focus on challenge, competition preparation and sustainable development goals. All the above encourage pupils to critically reflect, develop logical reasoning skills and articulate complex ideas through writing, speaking and taking meaningful action.

Sports & Outdoor Exploration 

We’ve broadened the scope of programmes around sport enhancing the options to extend the Body. Building on a last year’s offerings of football, badminton, basketball, taekwondo, golf, table tennis and the equestrian pony club, we are now also offering programmes in Baseball (even for our very youngest), rugby and rowing. 

Music & Performing Arts

Finally, reflecting our commitment to develop the soul, we have a rich and diverse performing arts programme including orchestra, Prep and Pre-Prep choirs, a range of wind bands, string ensemble and the Bluers Band. We also have rehearsals in place for the Upper School Musical marrying musical performance with drama. Visual arts are also flourishing with a vast array of creative endeavours in both the Lower School and Upper School exploring Eastern and Western perspectives and techniques reflecting the school’s commitment towards understanding our bicultural identities.

The ECA Expo this year was also a first. As we have more partners working with us now, we wanted to give both parents and pupils the opportunity to meet our service providers and to sample their work. The EXPO was very well attended and parents and children loved the chance to find out more about the activities. We will run EXPOs in the future too.

Harrow Shanghai’s ECA programme goes from strength to strength. And we are fully committed to bringing the very best extra curriculum experiences to our pupils across all age phases.