Harrow Shanghai Chamber Concert

Music is the soul of Harrow Shanghai, a jewel in our crown, intricately woven into our daily life. Each of our students embarks on a musical journey and many excel in at least two instruments under our expert guidance.

Highlighting our excellence, Aegean A. (2022) and Finley J. (2023) have clinched the top spots in global A-Level music for two consecutive years. A testament to our unrivaled musical standards!

Our recent chamber concert was a sensation. From guitars and clarinets to pianos and violins, plus drums, vocals, and duets, our students delivered a memorable musical feast.

At our Pre-Prep Concert, the 5-8 year olds showcased their remarkable musical gifts. Despite their young age, their grasp of musical skills was astonishing. In our Pre-Prep, we hold numerous music events, offering our young talents numerous opportunities to shine brightly on stage.

The Upper School chamber concert was a sensory extravaganza. Piano sing-alongs, violin performances, and drumming elevated the atmosphere to new heights. Each note moved the audience, reflecting the beauty and power of Harrow’s music. A mesmerizing Guzheng performance of ‘JiangJunLing’ seamlessly bridged Western classical and Eastern traditional music, showcasing a harmonious fusion of diverse musical cultures.

At Harrow Shanghai, music is more than just a curriculum: it’s a way of Harrow life.We delve into every facet of music, from instrumental mastery to music theory, from stage performances to creative composition, fostering each child’s innate musical talent. Here, music becomes a platform for students to explore their passions and build confidence.

Yi Sum Y., a recent Harrow graduate, captivated Cambridge University with her outstanding musical and academic achievements. As the lead violinist in the orchestra and a choir member, she maintained her passion for music amidst a demanding academic schedule, shining in every facet of life and academia. Similarly, Finley J., now heading to the London Film School, topped the global A Level music exam. Starting with no prior musical background, he was nurtured from the ground up, learning music theory and composition. His significant role in school music events led to his extraordinary success in this year’s A Level exam.

At Harrow, music is integral to campus life, not just confined to the classroom. We believe in the power of music to nurture confidence and perseverance in our students!