University Pathway

Can A Level results open doors to American universities?

Can getting all A’s win over admissions officers, or is a compelling personal statement more crucial?

On your journey to applying to prestigious universities, how can Harrow Shanghai be your strong support? 

Today, we’ll answer these questions through a Q&A format!

Q1:What Preparation Should be Done During School Years?

Prep School (Year 5-8): Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills! As students solidify their foundational learning skills, they should expand their knowledge base, explore multiple languages, and discover their true passions through coursework and extracurricular projects. It’s a journey of exploring the world and oneself!

Senior School (Year 9-13): The critical stage for personalized interest development! We encourage students to explore and pursue their interests, choose diverse courses, and prepare for their future university and career paths!

Year 9-11: A crucial period for deepening learning. Students will delve into core subjects to prepare comprehensively for the IGCSE exams.

Year 12-13: The key preparation period for university selection and future career paths. Based on personal interests and future goals, students choose specialized A Level courses and take steps towards their dreams with the guidance of our school’s expert university admission counselors!

Q2:Which Countries’ Universities Can A Level Courses Lead to?

A Level results – a global educational passport! Whether it’s the USA, the UK, or universities in other countries, A Levels can open the doors to world-renowned institutions!

Applying to American universities: Worried about A Level results being recognized by US universities?

No need to worry! A Level results are highly recognized when applying to American universities. Many Harrow School graduates achieve admission to top US universities each year, including Ivy League schools, the Rhode Island School of Design, Berklee College of Music, and more!

Q3:How to Make the Right Subject Choices during the Admission Process?

Harrow Shanghai provides the following support in helping students make subject choices:

Personalized counseling services: Each student is unique. We offer one-on-one counseling to deeply understand each student’s interests, abilities, and future career goals, helping them choose the most suitable courses.

Career exploration activities: Igniting students’ career dreams! By organizing career days and industry expert lectures, we help students gain in-depth insights into various career fields, broaden their horizons, and make more informed and insightful subject choices.

Academic guidance: Our teachers and academic advisors continuously assess students’ academic performance and potential, providing professional course selection advice and guidance to ensure that each student is on the right academic path.

Q4:How to Plan for University Admission?

At Harrow Shanghai, our university admission guidance is a comprehensive journey!

Personalized guidance: We understand the uniqueness of each student. Therefore, we provide tailored guidance to help students choose the right IGCSE and A Level courses based on their individual interests and abilities, creating personalized admission plans.

Career planning education: Starting from Prep school, we guide students to explore various career paths and future possibilities through specially designed courses and activities, igniting their career dreams.

Comprehensive university application support: From preparing application materials and interview skills training to personal statement writing guidance, we provide full support. Our efforts yield significant results – every year, many students successfully enroll in top world universities such as Cambridge and Imperial College!

Strengthening academic and personal skills: Through a rich curriculum and extracurricular activities, we are committed to enhancing students’ academic abilities and personal qualities. At Harrow, students’ growth goes far beyond learning itself!

Leveraging the Harrow network: We have built an extensive network to provide students with more learning and development opportunities, enabling them to better integrate into this diverse world.

Q5:What Makes Harrow Shanghai’s Upper School Curriculum Unique?

Guided by the UK national curriculum and Cambridge curriculum, our curriculum combines core subjects with research-based learning. Students can also study multilingual and multicultural courses in English, Chinese, and Spanish at Harrow Shanghai.

Diverse subject choices: At Harrow, there are no limits to choices! Students can freely choose from nearly 20 subjects, ranging from mathematics and sciences to humanities and arts, allowing them to explore their passions.

Small class, high-quality teaching: Every student deserves personalized attention. With a 1:8 teacher-student ratio in the secondary school, our small class teaching ensures that each child receives ample guidance and support.

Rich and varied extracurricular activities: We offer over 150+diverse extracurricular activities, including academic competitions, sports, and arts, allowing students to develop their full potential.

Regular learning assessments: Through a caring system, we regularly assess students’ learning progress, enabling us to identify and address challenges in their studies promptly.