HarrowNet: a virtual interaction space for all Harrow Schools

The Harrow Schools have always prided themselves on the strong connections that exist between them and of course with our ‘mothership’ back in UK – Harrow London. Over many years the staff, governors, pupils and alumni have interlinked on a number of levels and through a great range of initiatives: from sport, music, drama to Oxbridge university preparation, staff exchanges, sharing resources and embarking upon exciting Leadership and Service projects together.  The strong and ever-growing network of International Old Harrovians, linked to the London Old Harrovians, is also opening up a wealth of opportunities in terms of careers, business, advice and travel.

The latest exciting Group-wide resource soon to be launched that will add a whole new dimension to a Harrow education is the creation of HarrowNet – a dedicated cloud-based virtual interaction space for all pupils and staff across all Harrow Schools in the family.  Within it pupils will be able to extend and reinforce their own learning via resources shared by staff from all schools and by other pupils.  There will be online seminars, forums, guest lectures, workshops, revision sessions and a wealth of peer-to-peer support, as well as academic competitions, challenges and routes to accreditations. 

Staff too will be interacting and sharing their resources and ideas with one another whilst also developing their own professional practice via teacher peer to peer learning that will greatly enhance the experience for those they engage with in the classroom.  All the Harrow Head Masters are already busily immersed within their own HarrowNet dedicated forum, sharing ideas to help develop one another’s schools!

The world has adapted to the ‘new normal’ in very many unexpected ways in the past year, and HarrowNet – conceived of well before C19 – demonstrates Harrow’s strong and shared inter-school family genetics, a desire to celebrate and learn from cultural similarities and differences, and an understanding that our children’s learning goes well beyond the classroom.  Harrow is opening up new horizons for us all!