Highest A Level Marks in the World

Congratulations to TWO of our International Old Harrovians for obtaining the Highest A Level mark in the world! They have both been awarded 2022 Pearson Outstanding Learner awards for their outstanding results in the most recent A Level examination series, which recognize and celebrate the highest achieving learners at international levels.

Aegean A. received the highest A Level mark in the world in Music and Jasmine Y. received the highest A Level mark in the world in Chinese.

As Aegean’s A Level Music teacher, Mr Penfold shares his thoughts about Aegean’s amazing abilities and efforts.

“During her time at Harrow Shanghai, Aegean was an outstanding music student. She dedicated herself to all areas of musical performance within the school, often inspiring younger musicians in the school with her brilliant violin playing and beautiful singing. She also made a considerable contribution to helping out with rehearsals, supporting younger students whenever she could.

Aegean consistently applied the same level of commitment and dedication to her music compositions and quickly developed her skills and confidence throughout the two-year A Level course, a journey cullminating in an imaginative, highly effective piece of film music that formed the basis of her coursework. She was well deserving of her overall A* grade as she also applied herself to the demanding analytical and appraisal part of the course with, yet again, considerable determination, focus and attention to detail.

Pearson’s recognition of Aegean’s achievement is wonderful and I think they would have been even more impressed had they seen how thoroughly she threw herself into the A Level course, took every possible opportunity given to her and worked so hard to develop all areas of her musical understanding and musicianship. I am delighted with this award and have every confidence that Aegean has a very bright future ahead of her.”

Nigel Penfold
Head of Music

As Jasmine’s A Level Chinese teacher, Ms Huang shares her thoughts about Jasmine’s dedication and passion to this subject.

“When I first heard that Jasmine won the “The Highest Score in the World” Award for A level Chinese, I felt extremely proud of her achievement – she has progressed so much in the short time that she was given in preparation for her exams.  

As Jasmine was someone who grew up as a native English speaker, speaking Mandarin does not come naturally to her, yet she took on the challenge of studying the A Level course in Chinese with absolute determination.  

Due to the Shanghai lockdown last year, all Pearson Edexcel exams were conducted online, so Jasmine had to work independently on her final script for her oral exam. Jasmine crafted an interesting evaluative speech on the importance of maintaining traditional Chinese script, and spoke confidently about how we must value Chinese characters and remember our roots.  

She also emphasized how young Chinese youth are over-simplifying our language. I believe it is her logic and critical thinking skills, as well as her ability to deliver her speech fluently and confidently, that gained this outstanding recognition and a solid A*, which enabled her to attend her first-choice university. Congratulations, Jasmine, on your exceptional achievement in this subject! 

Congratulations again to Jasmine for her amazing results, talents, and efforts!”  

Amy Huang
Director of Chinese Language & Culture

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