International Day: Celebrate Our Shared Culture of Diversity

Each year, the arrival of International Day signals that it is time for the whole Harrow community to celebrate our shared culture of diversity, inclusivity and global mindsets. Harrow’s vision statement, Leadership for a better world, is exactly what International Day seeks to promote. More than just enjoying the flavours and fragrances of different foods from around the world, the day allows us to celebrate what makes us unique while at the same time what brings us all together as a school community.

As luck would have it, our UK governors were visiting and had the opportunity to not only view flags, bunting and decorations being lovingly put up by our supportive parents, but also to drop into a few internationally themed classes that had been developed by our hard working and internationally minded teachers. For example, our Lower School developed country-specific art displays, whilst our Upper School pupils had a slightly more academic focus and learned about how the United Nations works to keep peace and security in the world.

Following their lessons, pupils headed to the International Food Fair where countless hours of preparation by the Friends of Harrow and our parent body resulted in an impressive and representative selection of foods from across the world. Each country had outdone themselves this year, creating a feast for the eyes. Furthermore, cultural immersion opportunities were out in force including the chance to indulge in henna tattoos from India that are typically applied during special Hindu festivals.

As is the case every year, parents had prepared a range of delicious dishes from their home nation creating a global culinary tour for our whole student body. Pupils delighted as they sampled dishes from across Europe, including arancini balls from Italy, paella from Spain and of course Yorkshire puddings and gravy from the United Kingdom. Not to be outdone, Asia came out in full force with chicken tikka from India, pandan chiffon cake from Singapore, and of course Portuguese style egg tarts from Macao. The New World also delighted us with Canadian chicken and sliders, lamington cakes from Australia and mini burgers from the United States.

Uniquely this year, our parents took it upon themselves to create a Harrow cookbook with all the recipes that they used on the day and we look forward to taking this forward in the near future.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the 2019 International Day – a day-long celebration of our diversity, inclusivity and shared commitment to leadership for a better world.