Lower School debut performance – The Bumblesnouts Save The World

On Thursday, 23rd  March, the Lower School pupils took to the stage of the Alcock room to present their first musical production The Bumblesnouts Save the World by Debbie Campbell.

The Bumblesnouts are gentle aliens who travel around space in a funny old spaceship. Upon their arrival on Planet Earth they are horrified when they are attacked by bullies, sprayed with insecticide and threatened by hunters, tree ‘Fellas’ and gangsters – all behaving very badly. The Bumblesnouts set about trying to show humans how to take better care of their planet and themselves. The lesson to be learnt is that Earth is an amazing place and every living thing on it has a right to survive.

The production was a true show of team work and collaborative skills as all children from Reception to Year 5 got involved in the behind the scenes work as well as the acting. The Year 3 and 5 children improvised their own scripts for their scenes, whilst Reception, Year 1 and 2 children had a lot of fun making the props for their scenes and programmes for parents to take home.

With the infectious songs it was easy for all the children (and teachers) to learn their lines quickly. The children rehearsed to perfection and did an outstanding job on the night of the performance.