Famous Chinese Artist Comes To Harrow

Zhang ZhaoHui, a famous Chinese ink painting artist from Beijing who has held exhibitions around the world, travelled a long way from Beijing to Shanghai to visit Harrow on 21st March with his friend Ms Lilly Yu, a businesswoman who develops art exhibitions, linking artists and buyers in China. Mr Zhang is the artist one of our students, Judy Jiang, will study in depth for her IGCSE Art, as well as during the following two years for her A level Art & Design research project of around 3,500 words.

Mr Zhang has a MA degree from Bard College, New York. His art works have been collected by the Art Institute of Chicago. He has developed his interest in Chinese ink painting since he was a child, coming from a Chinese military family where he learnt to be self-disciplined in his technique of traditional ink painting.

It was the uncertainty of ink and water on rice paper that attracted him. Currently, he is focusing on the transformation and the reformation of ink painting by, “digging for its potential, linking a spiritual and technical combination of inks and media”.

On the day he visited Harrow, he was shown Judy’s artworks and during her discussions with him, gained a greater understanding about ink painting. Not only did he evaluate her paintings, but he also gave her some valuable advice, which she can apply in future work.” It was exciting to paint with him, watching his calm brush stokes, listening to his words. Within just a few strokes, he demonstrated a three-dimensional effect that I’ve never seen before”, said Judy.

Our special visitors met with Mr Cook, and Ms Yu offered her assistance to the school in linking artists with our students for workshops and exhibitions. Mr Zhang is now discussing the possibility of establishing himself, and other artists he knows in a Resident Artist Project at Harrow. This will be an innovative and unique opportunity for Harrovians to develop their artistic skills alongside professional and famous artists.