U11 Girls Victory in Netball

After three months of hard work during our LiA sessions where we showed great determination and effort, we went to our first netball match in the history of Harrow Shanghai. Ella Horsnell and Juliane Littler (Year 6) report below:

The first ever Harrow U11 netball game took place at BISS Puxi on Tuesday, 14th March, and the result was outstanding! On the bus journey there we talked about tactics and back line passes, and on the way back we talked about how successful they were. It was great and so much fun to finally play a competitive but friendly match. We were full of excitement and joy and we made lots of new friendships with great students from BISS Puxi. The feeling of scoring a goal for your team is just very special indeed. The final result was Harrow 9 and BISS Puxi 2. Everybody is looking forward to the next game.