Best Wishes for Wuhan

The outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan has impacted upon so many in our society here in Shanghai, across China, and indeed across the whole world.

In the past month, it’s been heart-breaking to hear of the increasing number of people being affected and of the shortage of medical supplies. However, at the same time we have witnessed countless touching moments in this tough and challenging period. The medical teams from cities around China gathered in Wuhan to fight the epidemic, regardless of their own safety. The teams of people have worked 24/7 to build temporary hospitals in order to save more lives and to bring hope. We pay tribute to all of those nameless heroes who continue to fight for people’s lives in Wuhan and beyond.

At Harrow Shanghai, we would like to express our thoughts and prayers to all those still suffering in Wuhan and across China. We have invited teachers and students from across the Harrow community to send a message of hope in order to encourage those still facing grave danger to be strong.

Our pupils across the ages have also been supporting those in the most severe danger recently through their project work, paintings, newsletters and essays.

This episode is truly tragic for so many, but by pulling together, and supporting one another, we can look to a brighter and safer future very soon.