Harrow Makes Music – Chamber Concerts

On Thursday 18 November, over a series of three concerts, many pupils from Year 1 up to Upper Sixth (Year 13) had the opportunity to showcase their musical talents. 

Each performer exemplified courage as they took the stage and performed in front of their peers, teachers and parents.

The room was filled with melodious songs, rocking beats and sweet voices – a testament to the musical efforts of our pupils.

What a joy to watch tiny fingers fly across the piano, small hands grip the bow of a violin or cello, and little limbs mastering the drums!

Our little performers courageously took the stage, some for the first time ever. They beamed radiant smiles of pride and relief at the completion of their performance.

Our performers demonstrated diversity and style in the vast variety of instruments that were presented.

Haunting strains of violin and cello, and flowing melodies of guzheng filled the air. The pianists dazzled and the drummers electrified our audience.

As our students pursue their passion in music, they perform polished pieces with confidence and poise.

Our gifted Harrovians displayed an extensive range of musical gifts, as they used their voices and fingers to amaze the crowd with their remarkable musical talent.

Our audience was enraptured by all the performances, and the music often compelled them to tap their feet and sway to the beats of the music. Well done, Harrovians!

Watch this space! With the completion of the Chamber Concerts, we move on to our annual Winter Concerts, where all our pupils from 18 months to 18 years will be performing.