Spooky Harroween

The annual ‘Harroween’ extravaganza, celebrated across our Harrow community, was a scary, spectacular and spooky sight for teachers and students alike.

Our high quality lessons didn’t stop, but the school was filled with ‘Harroween’ highlights – Halloween themed school bells, spooky stories, a Harry Potter quiz and much, much more…..

The word ‘Halloween’ comes from All Hallows Eve and is celebrated the evening (‘een’) before All Saints Day on 1 November.  ‘Hallow’ is an old-fashioned name for saint.  Hundreds of years ago, people dressed up as saints the night before All Saints Day and traditionally lit bonfires to ward-off unwelcome ghosts, which led to the origin of Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating. 

Early Years Harroween Parade

Pre-Prep Spooky Stories

Harry Potter Quiz 

Tunnel of Terror

A big thank you to our Student Council and staff for their leadership and passion in making it a memorable Harroween for all!